Airdrop fund: 1000 gaming NFT Cryptosnake
NFT value: 99 SNK (about $8 for today)
How to get an NFT: make a post on your Instagram page. Everyone who posts it will receive an NFT.
Participation fee: free

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Due to the appearance in the play-to-earn game Cryptosnake of the character Black Mamba, the NBL gaming guild conducts a large-scale airdrop. The goal is to attract as many players as possible to make the game even more popular. At the moment, the gaming community has more than 100 thousand people.

Cryptosnake is the first BEP-1155 play-to-earn game. A player can earn cryptocurrency while playing the classic "Snake". You need to eat as many pixels as possible without crashing into an obstacle. All game objects, including the snakes themselves, are non-fungible tokens. Game Currency (SNK) is a liquid token that can be exchanged for BUSD or any other available cryptocurrency on the PancakeSwap exchange. Top players in the arena earn up to $ 50-100 per day from one snake. There is also a staking reward (percentage of return).

You can read more about the game at and White Paper.

Black Mamba is a new NFT character. This is the most accessible of the snakes, but weaker in characteristics and more difficult to control. This is an option for those who want to get acquainted with the game — a good snake to start with.

All playable characters, including Black Mamba, are issued by the blockchain for free upon sending a minimum amount of tokens for staking. For example, for Black Mamba it is 99 SNK, and for any other, it is at least 2200 SNK. At the moment, 1 SNK ≈ $ 0.077.

However, now it is not even necessary to send this amount of tokens for staking — a new snake can be obtained simply for a post on Instagram.


1. Activate Telegram bot
2. Subscribe to the Cryptosnake channel on Telegram
3. Join the Telegram community chat. There are about 12500 players in the English-speaking community now.
4. Make an Instagram post inviting you to participate in the upcoming “Black Mamba Intergalactic Competition” with a prize pool of over 18,000 BUSD.
5. Copy the link to the post and send it to the bot
6. Wait for the admin to check the post

Then you will receive the Black Mamba NFT Snake Egg. All that remains is to wait 24 hours for the egg to hatch — and you can play and earn!