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His score in NBA 2K23 is certain to increase due to his outstanding

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In the last game against the Nets and the Green Army, the Nets were eliminated by 2K23 MT Vthe Green Army with a score of zero:4. When they faced to the Celtics, Durant, the Nets leading scorer, wasn't nearly as impressive as he was in regular season, which made players confused.The most difficult players to defend are totally blocked. Durant is consistently regarded as one of the most difficult players to protect. Durant has the perfect balance of size and ability.

He has a near-defensive shot that can jump off of anyone with no shot restrictions, and scored from anywhere within half. His offensive ability is terrifying. However, during the game in the series against the Green Army, Durant's brilliance was overshadowed to The Green Army, his performance was average in the match but he was unable to get into his usual offensive rhythm.

Let's take a look at Durant's prior game statistics: G1 scored 9-of-24 from the field , and scored 23 points. G2 was 4-of-17 from the field, made 20 of 18 free throws with 27 scoring points. In the first game, he shot 24 shots. This shows that G2 is still determined to succeed.

He made seven fewer shots in the second game, and the rate of hit was just four. Except for the 18-points that he scored via the free kick, Durant only scored 9 points in the game.

It's no longer so simple to be in an economic downturn. It is important to remember that the defense provided by green army Green Army has played a important role.

The Green Army's method for controlling DurantSince KD are an attacker using various scoring strategies, there are several ways to deter KD, however it appears that the Green Army just used the two most effective ways.

One is to Cheap NBA 2K23 MT consume KD's physical strength to the greatest extent. The other is that He always slapped him while dribbling.



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Вы здесь » Уютный форум для общения)) » GAME » His score in NBA 2K23 is certain to increase due to his outstanding

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