"But it's still one you can have fun without having to delve into the muddle of menus and lists asking you to click a button to claim a myriad of benefits day in and day out, as long as you're ok in not being able get through D2R Items all in a few hours," the review concludes.

Torchlight Infinite is looking to transfer the addictive dungeon-crawling and loot farming of the well-known arcade and PC ARPG game to iOS as well as Android devices. The game is currently in closed beta. Torchlight Infinite developer XD Inc. recently announced that its free-to-play mobile ARPG will be releasing into open beta later in the year. At the same time, XD also revealed the game's sixth playable launch protagonist, Oracle Thea.

As Blizzard's recent release of Diablo Immortal has shown, adapting an ARPG that was previously primarily PC-based to mobile may be a challenge. While it's impossible to know if Torchlight Infinite is successful on that aspect however, it's evident that XD's spin on the franchise intends to draw in both new players and established fans of the series. It's set 200 years after Torchlight II and will bring familiar characters, classes and environments that are familiar to those who have played the series, however there's plenty of new characters and new systems for players to explore also.

While Torchlight Infinite is being made with mobile-centricity in mind the game will also be released on PC. In an email interview with GameSpot, producer Liu Heng said Torchlight Infinite will allow for cross-progression. Players will be able link their accounts under one account and switch between mobile and PC with no loss of progress. In the PC versions, players will have a few other improvements beyond the mobile version including more camera options, wider perspectives, and more control options.

One of the most pressing issues for any free-to-play experience, especially a loot-based one is how it is made money. On this front, Heng explained that purchases in Torchlight Infinite are broken down into two different categories. Features like more bag space, talent resets, and auto-looting functionality will be what Heng described as "pay-for-convenience." New heroes, in addition to various cosmetics, will also be offered for purchase. They fall under what Heng described as "pay-for-content."

Torchlight Infinite will not sell items or crafting supplies for d2r items buy real money, Heng said. They will "strictly to be obtained through grinding" to ensure a fair experience for all players. Heng declared it is Torchlight Infinite won't have any stamina meter or system which limit progress of players and that players will be given the "freedom to begin and stop their game at any time."