Football betting is increasingly becoming a highly developed and popular form of gambling that attracts a large number of bettors worldwide. As a result, the types of bets offered by bookmakers are becoming more diverse, including the commonly used 1-goal handicap bet. So, what is a 1-goal handicap bet, and how do you handle this type of wager? All will be explained in the most detailed and informative way for new bettors. Let's explore with Wintips!

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What is a 1-Goal Handicap Bet?
A 1-goal handicap bet is a type of Asian Handicap bet that specifically indicates the handicap ratio for the bet. The 1-goal handicap bet is often placed in matches where there is a slight difference in strength and skill between the two teams. This bet is available at most major betting sites today and is offered frequently. In this type of Asian Handicap bet, one team is considered the favorite (the upper team) and the other team is considered the underdog. The upper team gives a 1-goal advantage to the underdog. The 1-goal handicap ratio is displayed on the bookmaker's odds board as 1:0.

How to Read a 1-Goal Handicap Bet?
In a typical 1-goal handicap bet, there are three possible outcomes for the bettor. With the given 1-goal handicap odds from the bookmaker, it means that the bettor is directly competing against the bookmaker. If the bet is correct, the bettor wins.
For example, if the bookmaker sets the upper team with a 1-goal handicap against the underdog at odds of 0.93 and the underdog at odds of 0.95, and the bettor places a wager of 100K on that match

The Best Strategies and Tips from Experts to Play the 1-Goal Handicap Bet
Playing the 1-goal handicap bet is not simple, but it is not overly difficult either. The outcome depends on various fundamental strategic factors that bettors need to grasp. Without a firm understanding of these strategies and experiences, it is challenging to accurately predict the 1-goal handicap bet.

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Choosing the right match for handicap betting
The suitable matches for a 1-goal handicap bet are those that have a significant difference in skill level between the two teams. This means that you should avoid placing this type of bet on matches that are evenly matched and have similar playing styles. Additionally, it is advisable to steer clear of matches where the teams employ defensive strategies that restrict attacking play, such as clubs like Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, or the current Manchester United.
Do not overlook match information
Analyzing and having a clear understanding of the pre-match information is the most crucial factor for success in football betting. When considering a 1-goal handicap bet, it is important to gather information about the strength of both teams, their current form, head-to-head records, player form, home advantage, and more. All of these factors directly impact the outcome of the match and your betting choice.

Choose to participate in major tournaments
Regardless of the type of bet, including a 1-goal handicap, it is always recommended to select top-tier tournaments to participate in. These tournaments attract a large number of players, creating favorable odds for bettors. Moreover, by betting on major tournaments, you will find it easier to stay updated on the current situation of the teams.

Frequently bet on the favorites
The favorite team always holds an advantage in betting because they are deemed stronger than the underdog at the current moment, as determined by bookmakers. Apart from matches where the two teams are closely matched, games where the underdog is significantly weaker than the favorite offer good opportunities when a 1-goal handicap is set. It is advisable to take advantage of such situations. Avoid betting on the underdog since the psychological advantage lies with the favorite, who is considered stronger and will likely apply more pressure.

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The above are the complete strategies and guidelines for reading and placing 1-goal handicap bets, as compiled by Wintips. Apart from paying attention to these tactics, bettors should also gradually gain experience by betting with small amounts to become familiar with the process and progressively improve their skills.

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